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Frequently Asked Questions

Is smoking allowed?
Our cottages are smoke free although smoking is permitted outside.

Do you allow dogs?
Sorry, we do not allow dogs. (No, not even if they stay in your car).

Can we cook in the cottages?
We provide a microwave in each cottage for reheating prepared meals for those who would like to eat in. We do not allow hot plates, grills or any cooking in the cottages or on decks.

Is breakfast included?
No, we have not been a bed and breakfast since 2004. Complimentary coffee & tea are placed in your cottage for sipping on in the mornings.

Where can we eat locally?
Meals are served at Grand View Café, which is located 1/8 mile from the Tundra Rose Guest Cottages. Meals are served between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm.

What can you tell me about the Grand View Café?
Casual and affordable, the Grand View Café serves home style meals in an attractive log setting. Guests can order meals to take back to their cottage, take on a hike, or dine in and enjoy beer or wine with an appetizer. Guests at the Tundra Rose Guest Cottages may choose to drive or walk to this nearby café.

Where can we buy groceries?
There are no stores in the area, so be sure to stop in Palmer or Glennallen to purchase items.

Can we see the Grand View Café or RV Park from our cottages?
No. The properties are adjacent, each having its own driveway entrance.
Our cottages have south facing views with unobstructed views of mountains and the glacier.

Is there much traffic noise while in the cottages?
The Glenn is a two lane highway that follows a valley carved out by the glacier. Although we can not guarantee what the noise may be like on any given day, the norm would be for traffic to subside in the early evenings so that you can listen to the songbirds while outside on the deck.

I have bad knees (hip replacements, use a cane, emphysema, etc). Which cottage would be best for me?
The Glacier Overlook. There you can park a few feet from the three steps that lead to the deck.

How long is the walking path to the Tundra Rose Cottage?
About 100 feet. Guests park their vehicle and follow stairs that are terraced and gravel based for about 30 feet before reaching a natural path for the remaining distance to the door. Most likely you have walked much further from a hotel lobby to your room.

Do you have television or Wi-Fi?
Yes, there is cable TV in each cottage for your enjoyment.
Many guests have told us they pick up WI-Fi strength in the cottages, but we can not guarantee that WI-Fi is available.

Located at Milepost 109.5 Glenn Highway

Tundra Rose Guest Cottages
Owned by Glenn Highway Hospitality, LLC
22518 West Glenn Highway
Milepost 109.5 Glenn Highway
Glacier View, Alaska 99674
(907) 745-5865

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